North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

1st Apr 2020 2:31:10 
2020 season 1 - missing results

February 29 - round 5
D grade 1 unisexStrathmore v Doutta GallaNeil Campbell - 0431366505
March 14 - round 6
A special (Fri)Taylors Lakes (gold) v Taylors Lakes (blue)Brendon Noonan - 0400112595
 Buckley Park/Princes Hill v Strathmore/Ascot Vale 
 Coburg/Essendon v Hume 
A grade 2 boys (Fri)Gladstone Park v Royal ParkBrendon Noonan - 0400112595
D special 2 unisexRoyal Park # v Deer ParkCarole Houston - 0419560436
 St John Bosco v Hillside 
 Keilor@KP v Essendon 
 Mt Carmel v Delahey 
D grade 1 unisexBuckley Park v Doutta GallaNeil Campbell - 0431366505
 Fawkner v Strathmore 
 Merlynston v Keilor East 
 Westmeadows v Gladstone Park 
D grade 2 unisexGreenvale v Moomba ParkCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Gladstone Park v St Monicas 
 Royal Park v Taylors Lakes 
D special 1 unisexKeilor East/Oln v Moomba ParkNeil Campbell - 0431366505
 Gladstone Park v St Christophers 
 Maribyrnong Park v Sydenham 
C grade 1 unisexDelahey v St Vincents ^^Kata Pinter - 0435002732
 Royal Park ^^ v Taylors Lakes 
 Green Gully v St Monicas 
 Ascot Vale v Maribyrnong Park 
C grade 4 unisexSt Christophers v Airport WestKata Pinter - 0435002732
 Glencairn v Royal Park 
 Hume v Essendon 
C reserve 3 unisexSt Monicas v St Vincents/Hadfield *Kata Pinter - 0435002732
 Keilor/Keilor Park * v Ascot Vale 
 Delahey v Royal Park 
 Hillside v Hume 
March 21 - round 7
B reserve 2St Christophers # v Tullamarine/East Coburg#Brendon Noonan - 0400112595
 Princes Hill v West Brunswick 
 Maribyrnong Park v Delahey 
B reserve 1West Brunswick v St Thereses/Keilor EastRebecca Knowles - 0447733841
 Keilor v Strathmore 
 Coburg # v Buckley Park # 
B grade 1Delahey v KeilorRebecca Knowles - 0447733841
 Avondale Heights v Royal Park 
 Green Gully v Taylors Lakes 
 Maribyrnong Park v Buckley Park# 
A reserve 5Essendon v Moomba ParkKym Baker - 0413527902
 Ascot Vale v Maribyrnong Park 
 Keilor Park/Doutta Galla v Green Gully 
 Craigieburn v Keilor East 
A reserve 2St Christophers v TullamarineCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Royal Park v Taylors Lakes 
 Buckley Park (gold) v Buckley Park (black) 
 Strathmore v Buckley Park (red) 
A special (Fri)Buckley Park/Gladstone Park v Buckley Park/Princes HillBrendon Noonan - 0400112595
 Taylors Lakes (blue) v Coburg/Essendon 
 Hume v Maribyrnong Park/Oln 
 Strathmore/Ascot Vale v Taylors Lakes (gold) 
A reserve 4 (Fri)Oln/St Vincents v Hillside/SydenhamKathy Porter - 0407665580
 Maribyrnong Park v Sunbury 
 Hume v Oak Park 
A reserve 3 (Fri)Green Gully v DelaheyRose Micallef - 0402081599
 Westmeadows v Hillside/Gladstone Park 
 Strathmore v Ascot Vale 
A grade 1 (Fri)Buckley Park/Princes Hill v Deer ParkRose Micallef - 0402081599
 Hillside/Oak Park v Maribyrnong Park/Princes Hill 
 Merlynston v Green Gully/Keilor 
A grade 2 (Fri)Taylors Lakes v Essendon/St ChristophersKirrily Moncur - 0421648942
 St Monicas v Strathmore 
 Coburg v Green Gully 
A grade 3 (Fri)Keilor East v Essendon/St John BoscoColin Thompson - 0426212295
 Coburg v Tullamarine/East Coburg 
 Maribyrnong Park v Doutta Galla 
 Moomba Park/Gladstone Park v Buckley Park 
A grade 4 (Fri)West Brunswick v DelaheyNicole Hornsby - 0419374097
 Sydenham v Avondale Heights/St Thereses 
 Royal Park v Oln 
A reserve 1 (Fri)Green Gully/Deer Park v Oln@AWNicole Hornsby - 0419374097
 Essendon/St Christophers v Taylors Lakes 
 Maribyrnong Park@DG v Greenvale/Craigieburn 
A reserve 2 (Fri)Keilor East/St Thereses v EssendonJacqui Costanzo - 0402287599
 Hillside v Strathmore 
 Ascot Vale v West Brunswick 
A reserve 5 boysBuckley Park v St Vincents/HadfieldJacqui Costanzo - 0402287599
 Deer Park v West Brunswick 
 Sydenham v Princes Hill 
B grade 1 boysGreenvale v Moomba ParkKym Baker - 0413527902
 Deer Park v Craigieburn 
 Delahey v Oak Park 
 West Brunswick v Buckley Park# 
B reserve 1 boysKeilor East v Ascot ValeKirrily Moncur - 0421648942
 Doutta Galla v Strathmore 
 Gladstone Park v North Park 
 Hume v West Brunswick 
A reserve 4 boys (Fri)Oak Park v CoburgRobert McDonald - 0403508443
 Airport West v Ascot Vale 
 Strathmore v North Park 
 St Thereses@AH v Hume 
A grade 3 boys (Fri)Greenvale v St MonicasJulie Thompson - 0421211409
 Essendon/St Christophers v Hume 
 St Thereses v Sunbury 
 Deer Park v Buckley Park@KE 
A grade 2 boys (Fri)Hume v Oln@AWBrendon Noonan - 0400112595
 Delahey v Gladstone Park 
 Royal Park v Sunbury 
 Ascot Vale v Green Gully 
D special 2 unisexEssendon v St John BoscoCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Deer Park v Mt Carmel 
 Delahey v Keilor@KP 
 Hillside v Royal Park # 
D special 3 unisexBuckley Park v St TheresesColin Thompson - 0426212295
 St John Bosco # v Coburg 
 Taylors Lakes v Maribyrnong Park 
 Royal Park v Strathmore 
D special 4 unisexStrathmore v Tullamarine/East Coburg#Glenn Ferris - 0432508636
 West Brunswick v St Thereses 
 Maribyrnong Park v Greenvale 
D grade 1 unisexKeilor East v FawknerNeil Campbell - 0431366505
 Doutta Galla v Westmeadows 
 Gladstone Park v Merlynston 
 Strathmore v Buckley Park 
D grade 2 unisexMoomba Park v Royal ParkCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Taylors Lakes v Gladstone Park 
 Westmeadows v Greenvale 
D grade 3 unisexGreenvale v HumeKathy Porter - 0407665580
 St Thereses v Oln/Keilor East 
 Coburg v St Monicas 
D grade 4 unisexDeer Park v HumePeter Vass - 0429042228
 St John Bosco v Maribyrnong Park 
 Strathmore v Green Gully 
 Royal Park v St Christophers 
D grade 5 unisexBuckley Park v Taylors LakesJulie Thompson - 0421211409
 Moomba Park v Strathmore 
 St Thereses v Delahey 
 Oln v Essendon 
D special 1 unisexMoomba Park v Maribyrnong ParkNeil Campbell - 0431366505
 Sydenham v Gladstone Park 
 Princes Hill v Keilor East/Oln 
C reserve 4 unisexAirport West v CoburgKym Baker - 0413527902
 Corpus Christi v Merlynston 
 Craigieburn v Hume 
C special 1 unisexGreenvale v Airport West/St John BoscoRobert McDonald - 0403508443
 Strathmore v Sydenham 
 Mt Carmel v Westmeadows 
C grade 1 unisexSt Monicas v Royal Park ^^Kata Pinter - 0435002732
 St Vincents ^^ v Ascot Vale 
 Maribyrnong Park v Green Gully 
 Taylors Lakes v Delahey 
C grade 2 unisexOak Park v KeilorConnor Ferris - 0401251402
 Avondale Heights v Hadfield 
 Coburg v Strathmore 
 Delahey v Essendon 
C grade 3 unisexBuckley Park v St John Bosco@AWGlenn Ferris - 0432508636
 Taylors Lakes v Princes Hill 
 North Park ^^ v Coburg 
 Royal Park ^^ v Essendon 
C grade 4 unisexEssendon v GlencairnKata Pinter - 0435002732
 Ascot Vale v Hume 
 Royal Park v St Christophers 
C reserve 1 unisexHume v Doutta GallaConnor Ferris - 0401251402
 Keilor v West Brunswick 
 North Park * v Green Gully 
 Strathmore v Oak Park 
C reserve 2 unisexBuckley Park (Black) * v Deer ParkPeter Vass - 0429042228
 Glencairn v Royal Park 
 West Brunswick v Buckley Park (Red) * 
C reserve 3 unisexRoyal Park v Keilor/Keilor Park *Kata Pinter - 0435002732
 St Vincents/Hadfield * v Hillside 
 Hume v Delahey 
 Ascot Vale v St Monicas 

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