North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

18th Oct 2017 20:34:18 
players wanted by clubs for next season

Royal Park    Royal Park Tennis Club is looking for high A grade girls and A grade boys for Season 1 2018. Contact Kata on 0435 002 732
Buckley Park    Buckley Park tennis club is looking for high A Grade girls for Season 1, 2018. Contact Julie on 0421 211409
Deer Park    Deer Park tennis club are looking for girls to play mid level A Reserve for season 1, 2018. Contact Jen on 0432 415499
Merlynston    Merlynston tennis club is looking for boys for A Reserve Saturday morning for Season 1, 2018 or combined teams. Contact Ron 93064601.
Essendon    Essendon Tennis Club is looking for high A grade boys and girls for next season. Contact Bruno 0416298077
Sydenham    Sydenham tennis club is looking for 2 boys to play A Res Friday night and 2 boys for A Res Saturday morning for next season. Please contact Ryan Lazaro via SMS on 0438 486625 during office hours. I will follow up with phone call.
Hillside    Hillside Tennis Club are looking for a boy to play high A Grade level next season. Contact Frank on 0417 517852

#NB - Player transfers to another club close on round 11.