North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

24th May 2019 13:16:17 
players wanted by clubs for next season

Buckley Park    Buckley Park are looking for high A Grade girls for next season. Contact Julie on 0421 211409
Tullamarine    Tullamarine tennis club is looking for a high A Grade girl and mid C grade boys and girls for next season. Contact Marg on 0409 516 880.
Westmeadows    Westmeadows tennis club is looking for boys and girls for A reserve and B grade next season. Contact Yasemin on 0450 130 101
Essendon    Essendon Tennis Club are seeking high "A" grade girls and boys for next season. Contact Bruno 0416 298077 or Matt 0402 095311
Moomba Park    Moomba Park tennis club have vacancies for next season for A Friday night, B mixed and C unisex on Saturday. Contact Shirley on 0405 976 366 or
Keilor    Keilor TC looking for 2-3 boys for A reserve boys combined team to be played out of Keilor - 4 courts available each week. Contact Rebecca 0447 733 841
Hillside    Hillside Tennis club is looking for girls to play mid A grade
in mixed comp for next season. Contact Ann-Marie 0422 282 286
Doutta Galla    Doutta Galla is looking for a few B Grade girls for next season /happy to form a combined team call Aaron 0407 885012.
Green gully    Green Gully TC looking for 1-2 boys for an A reserve boys combined team to be played out of Green Gully. Contact Peter Vass 0429 042228
Maribyrnong Park    Maribyrnong Park TC is looking for a high A grade boy for next season. Please contact Linda on 0403126541
Airport West    A Reserve Boys for Saturday morning. Contact Robert on 0403508443

#NB - Player transfers to another club close on round 11.