North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

26th Oct 2014 16:05:25 
Welcome to the home page of the North Suburban Junior Tennis Association Inc.

The NSJTA fosters the development of under 18 tennis players by:-
  • Providing a Friday night and Saturday morning grade based tennis competition.
  • Conducting NSJTA tennis development squads.
  • Entering NSJTA teams in the Victorian Junior Pennant competition.
  • Participation in annual representative events, including the Pat Pearce Cup, Wayne Arthurs Cup and Daphne Fancutt Shield.
  • Promotion of annual NSJTA championships and club tennis tournaments.

Member clubs are located across the northern, north western and western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Players and parents wanting to keep up to date with the latest news from the NSJTA are also encouraged to join the NSJTA Facebook group or join the NSJTA News and Events Mailing List

18th October - Deer Park Melbourne Cup Challenge
See the Tournaments link

8th September - D Special 3 Team Withdrawal
The Princes Hill D Special 3 team has withdrawn from the competition. All matches against Princes Hill will now be treated as a bye and points for have been adjusted for completed rounds.

2nd September - Important Dates
Oct 18 - Last opportunity for additional registrations
Oct 18 - Transfers for next season close and transfers must be lodged with the Match Secretary by 6:00pm
Nov 8 - All A grade team entries for next season due
Nov 10 - Third and final Delegates meeting at BPTC starting 8:00pm
Nov 15 - All other team entries for next season due

8th July - Online results entry by A Grade teams
For Season 2, 2014 all A Special, A Grade and A Reserve teams must enter their results online in Competition Planner as well as posting the result sheet to the Grade Secretary. The home team should enter results by the 8.00 pm on the Monday after the match. The away team must then confirm the result by 8.00 pm on the Tuesday after the match. Instructions for entering results into Competition Planner can be downloaded below. To enter results, you need a login and password, which has been provided to your Club Delegate.

NSJTA News and Events mailing list
The NSJTA has recently launched a News and Events mailing list. All NSJTA players, parents and team managers are encouraged to subscribe to the list to receive email updates about the NSJTA Friday night and Saturday morning competition, representative team events, junior pennant, Association squads and much more. To subscribe, follow this link and enter your details.

Missing match results:-
Round 9 has 1 missing result.
Round 10 has 8 missing results.
Round 11 has 12 missing results.  what's missing?